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Andersen Tree Removal, Pruning, Arborist Services
Maryland, Northern VA, Washington DC

Mike Andersen started out in the Tree Industry in 1974 while stationed in Cherry Point North Carolina in the USMC. Mike worked part-time for Casey Tree service learning the art of Tree Pruning and removal. Upon discharge in 1976 they formed Mike's first company, Case & Andersen Tree Expert. In 1977 the company was dissolved and Mike moved to the Washington D.C. area. In 1978 Mike competed and won I. S. A. Tree climbing championships.

For the next 27 years Mike worked for Tree masters and Guardian Tree Experts and other top companies learning the difficult art of artistic design pruning. Mike worked on the architectural pruning crews for the White House, D.C. Historical Monuments and for park and planning. Mike is always striving to practice advanced arbor culture and at age 21 he advanced to Foreman for Architectural pruning crew. After years of education Mike achieved his D.N.R. license in 2006 and was awarded his I.S.A. (International Society of Arboriculture) Certified Arborist license in 2007. Mike opened Andersen Tree Expert Co. Inc. in 2005 with a desire to take advanced arboriculture to a new level, expanding Tree Restoration, growth management using all of today's newest innovative ideas and tools at our disposal. With continued education in the ever changing industry will always keep us a leader in our industry.